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Security Software FAQ

We answer the most commonly asked questions about security software, so you are knowledgable and in the best position to find the right software for your business.

What is security software?

When people say “security software” they are most commonly referring to “computer security software” which is any software used to protect a personal computer, laptop, or other device from unwanted or malicious access to that device.

This would include:

Security software can also refer to “network security software” where a series of computers or devices are secured at the same time by installing the security software to all devices in the network, and perhaps not allowing device access to the network without the software installed.

Common network security software includes:

Do you need security software?

The short answer is YES. Whether you are using a personal computer, laptop, or phone, or whether you have a business that stores customer data, security software is a must.

With modern day computer viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other malicious software becoming more and more complex, it would not be prudent to leave yourself or your system unprotected.

How much does security software cost?

Typically for personal use you can expect $100 per year, however there are many free or open source security software to choose from that will cost you nothing.

What threats does computer security software protect you from?

Computer security software can protect you from malware, adware, trojans, ransomware, phishing, and spyware/monitoring software, as well as other common threats.

Do Macs need security software?

Although Mac devices, laptops, and computers, have always been seen as better protected than Window’s software when it comes to viruses. They are not completely free from threats. If you choose not to use a security software on your Mac, you should still scan it on occasion to make sure nothing has gone undetected.

Do smartphones need security software?

Most smartphone users do not use security software because smartphones tend to have strong protection from threats built in. However that doesn’t mean you would not benefit from adding security software for added protection or occasionally checking your phone for threats.

That said, as long as you keep your phone up to date by installing recommended updates, you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

Does an iPad need security software?

Apple iPads are fairly well protected by built in security software. If you keep your iPad up to date you should be fine. However there is added protection available for those who want to be extra cautious when it comes to protecting their iPad.

How to create cyber security software?

Creating cyber security software is very difficult. Think about it, the best hackers (whitehat, greyhat, and blackhat) are always looking for ways in which to break into systems for a variety of reasons. So your software needs to be able to outsmart them and patch holes faster than they can find them. Unless you can put together a team of the best software developers, it is better to try and use an out of the box solution, or even a custom solution, compared to building one yourself.

That said, you can still protect your data by following development best practices to ensure that you aren’t leaving easy access points to bad actors, even without creating a cyber security software of your own.

About The Author:
Written By: The AppIntent Team
Published On: 2021-09-10
Last Updated: 2021-09-19
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